Cooling system

W-7701: Radiator Stop Leak Fluid 24x325ml REFRIGERATOR SEALANT

Radiator Leak – Stop was developed as both a preventative and an acute problem solution to eliminate leaks in the engine cooling system. Seals leaks in gaskets, clamps and small cracks in the radiator. Compatible with all antifreeze and coolants.

W-7713: Engine MotorFlush 10min 24x300ml ENGINE FLUSHING SYSTEM 10min

It is a mixture of detergent and converter designed to remove scale and contaminants in the cooling system. It restores the original cooling performance, ensures the smooth operation of the thermostat and regulation mechanisms. It reduces the risk of engine damage, fuel consumption and wear. Compatible with all antifreeze and coolants. It does not contain aggressive acids, it is neutral towards metal, rubber and plastic.