W-7730: Diesel Jet cleaner 24x300ml OIL INJECTOR CLEANER

It is a professional product of the latest generation for all diesel engines.
Eliminates deposits in the entire fuel system, such as tank, pipes, fuel pump, intake valves and injectors.
It represents a complete alternative to professional injector cleaning, it regenerates the injection system as well as the fuel supply components. Restores engine performance to original tuning parameters. Add to the tank before refueling, 300 ML of cleaner to 50 liters of diesel.

W-7720: Fuel Injection cleaner 24x300ml PETROL ENGINE INJECTOR CLEANER.

Effective cleaner for the fuel injection system. Removes tar, combustion residues and dirt from flow dividers and valves. Increases engine power, removes noise and restores smooth operation. Optimizes fuel consumption and improves gas exhaust parameters. Eliminates cutting and starting engine difficulties caused by intermittent fuel flow.

W-7724: Octane Booster 24x300ml OCTANE ENHANCER

Power up octane booster is a special additive that improves the properties of gasoline. Special combustion modifiers optimize the operation of modern high-tech gasoline engines, improve combustion and boost the octane number. Reduces detonation and starting difficulties that occur when using low octane or low grade gasoline. It reduces the emission of harmful substances and the toxicity of exhaust gas emissions.It promotes complete and efficient fuel combustion, which actually reduces fuel consumption. This product is recommended for engines with four-valve timing systems as well as turbocharged engines.