Internal Care Space Auto

W-7111: Upholstery foam cleaner 12x650ml UPHOLSTERY CLEANER

Upholstery foam cleaner is a highly effective cleaner that removes various stains from furniture upholstery, vehicle interiors, carpets, fabrics, etc. Restores the original appearance and color of fabric and carpet materials, removes piles, removes unpleasant odors and freshens the air inside the vehicle. This product prevents re-soiling thanks to its anti-static properties.

W-7140: Cockpit cleaner 12x650ml POLISHING DASHBOARD

It is designed to protect the dash board from cracks and drying. Restores the original shine to all plastic, vinyl and rubber trims. It has excellent cleaning properties and a pleasant smell. It forms a durable silicone polymer layer that gives the surface excellent waterproof, anti-static and UV-resistant properties. This product can be used to care for interior linings made of synthetic material and plastic.