W-7040: M-40 Antirust Multilubricant SMART 12x400ml LUBRICANT - ANTI-SPOILER

Lubricates, cleans and prevents corrosion on all surfaces and moving parts.
Displaces moisture, dissolves rust and pollution, prevents short circuits and leakage currents, protects surfaces from corrosion and ensures smooth operation of moving parts. Comes with a handy smart spray head.
It is neutral towards rubber, plastic, varnish and metal surfaces.

W-7041: Quick Rust Remover 12x450ml ANTI-SPOILER

It has excellent anti-friction properties.
It is designed for widespread use in all moving assembly mechanisms. Thanks to the fast-penetrating solvents and fine lubricants contained in the composition, it dissolves rust from threaded connections in seconds. This product does not damage rubber and plastic surfaces.

W-7052: Silicone Spray 12x450ml SILICONE SPRAY

Silicone spray is a mineral oil-free, grease-free, lubricant-free release agent and protective coating based on silicones dissolved in chlorine-free solvents.
Protects, lubricates and insulates all surfaces through a transparent, permanent protective film.

W-7053: Spray Grease White lithium grease 12x450ml WHITE LITHIUM GREASE

For dusty operating conditions, with excellent low and high temperature properties, excellent penetration and corrosion protection. White dry grease components reliably protect under high shear load conditions. Difficult to centrifuge.

W-7200: Chain Lub Extreme 24x200ml CHAIN ​​LUBRICANT

Blue fully synthetic high temperature grease, reinforced with CeraMol technology, exhibits excellent low and high temperature properties for fast moving car and motorcycle chains. The formed soft layer of non-sticky grease adheres tightly to the contact point, reduces the friction of the parts and protects against dirt, water ingress, in winter it prevents the chain link from freezing. It guarantees long-term lubrication and protection.